About Our Founder

Shruti Singh

I have had the privilege of serving with some of the best schools of the country, In my current role as PGT Psychology at DPS Gurgaon, I teach Psychology to classes 11th and 12th, seamlessly blending academic expertise with a passion for guiding students dream careers, I had the same role in my previous assignment at Army Public School, Dhaulakuan, New Delhi, where I have introduced and nurtured students in the field of Psychology with my experience of over a decade. I have been closely associated with Career Counselling and Guidance throughout this journey in a formal and informal domain.

My dedication to counselling excellence earned me the 'Life Empowerment Award 2018-19' for outstanding counselling services in schools, presented by Expressions India Organisation. I am a strong proponent of inclusive education and also a certified remedial teacher for children with specific learning disabilities.

What we Offer

Counselling, for me, has the power to shape minds, allowing me to engage with vibrant youth and play a constructive role in helping them chart their path towards a bright and resplendent future. My approach combines deep insight into the academic world with intricate knowledge of human behavior to guide students in the correct direction.

"I am a certified career counsellor accredited with UCLA, the global leaders in the field of career counselling. With more than a decade of career counselling experience with children from different cultural and social backgrounds, I take pride in my students excelling in their chosen fields, which I had helped them select."

My strength lies in my ability to establish an instant and close rapport with students, gaining their trust for a healthy conversation and enduring relationship. I aim to guide students to pursue a career that matches their interests, skills, and aptitude with a commitment to stay invested in their future.

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